Water intrusion problems

With the severe winter we have had this year , we are seeing a large portion of homeowners  that are experiencing water seepage and major water intrusion issues in their properties this spring. What are the common problems that are causing the intrusion and what can be done to minimize or even correct the problem from reoccurring next year.

Lets start at the top and work our way down through the list of repairs you can do to channel water away from your basement.

Does your property have gutters installed? Were the cleaned last fall so the downspouts were clear of leaves and debris? Did you know that in a normal year, you have thousands of gallons of water that will run off of your roof and down the side of your house? Even with good foundation drainage that water can run down and enter your basement without properly channeling it away from the house. Gutters are worth looking into if you don’t have them installed yet.

Water runoff from the yard is another issue that if not channeled correctly will run to the house and down into the basement. Maybe you have a fairly flat yard that doesn’t drain well or a hill that runs directly to the house. Take a look at your yard and see if you can dig a swale to channel water in another direction. Another benefit of this is you will get a good workout with shovel in hand for an hour or two.

At the ground level how does your yard look where it meets the foundation? Is it flat or raised? A good rule of thumb is at least an inch of slope for every foot away from the foundation out to 10 feet if possible. Even if water is running through the yard it will stay away from the foundation which helps keep the basement dryer.

If you are having issues with water intrusion problems from below your basement  floor you may want to check into having drain tile installed if you do not have a system in place already. This the most costly repair but they work very well.

A dry basement helps with eliminating mold issues, not to mention it can become a great livable space for you to use in a variety of ways. Get rid of that water and enjoy the added space in your home.